Brine RP3 Panel HS Unstrung Head

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The Brine RP3 is for the dependable player that will consistently put points on the board. This was designed by Rob Pannell (NCAA’S All Time Leading Point Scorer) in efforts to create a head that can do what he does best, put points on the board. What separates a good lacrosse player from a great one is versatility. With a tight face and new redesigned shape the RP3 gives you great ball control and consistent channel release.

In order to put up big numbers you need a head designed for consistency and that is what the RP3 provides. Weighing in on an average of 4.4 ounces the RP3 is influenced by a CORE-TECH design which carves out precision-engineered canals in the sidewall to reduce weight and enhance flex. If you are the type of player that thrives on scoring points in clutch situations, then this is the head for you.

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Weight 2.000 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 7 x 2 in


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