Battle Nutty Buddy


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The NuttyBuddy® athletic cup is like no other cup ever designed. Its unique, award-winning design is anatomically shaped for the male body.

• The most comfortable cup on the market
• Allows movement with ease
• Cradles the anatomy differently than other cups
• Cushioned edge for comfort and fit
• Vented for extra comfort

The Battle Jock’s unique fabrics and engineering hold your anatomy snug while still allowing maximum freedom and confidence to perform your best during any competition. Durability and comfort were our #1 priority while designing and developing the Battle Jock * Specifically designed to fit with the NuttyBuddy Cup and the Battle Compression shorts * Superior support over competitor jocks * Double stitched at every connection * Extra 1/4″ elastic strap to reinforce connection of the pouch and leg straps to the waist band * 2 1/2″ waist band (1/2 larger than our competition!) * Designed for all sports and activities * Highest quality product

1) 2” Ultrasoft waistband to hold the top of the cup tight to the body
2) Superior fabrics (band, pouch and elastic) for extra-long life and durability

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Weight 2.000 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 2 in


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