Balance Transfers & How They Can Help Maintain Good Credit

Here at Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. we want to ensure that when he successfully assist our customers in resolving past due, delinquent credit card debt, that they do not end up back in that situation again. This is why we will frequently publish tips to our Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. blog to help maintain healthy financial habits. If you have multiple credit cards with balances on them, you want to know what benefits each creditor provides to you. In come cases, creditors have 0% or low APR balance transfer options for a certain period of time. As opposed to paying high interest rates (typically between 15-24.99%) on multiple credit cards, utilizing the balance transfer option with allow you to transfer all your debt onto one account, with a much lower interest rate. Not only does this mean that you will save money in interest charges, but the likelihood of you forgetting to make a payment to one of several credit cards is diminished as well. For more information on healthy management of your credit, visit our Eastpoint Recovery Group, Inc. blog

Eastpoint Recovery Group End of 2020 Update

2020 came with numerous ups and downs. Looking back on the past year, the team at Eastpoint Recovery Group would like to thank our staff, clients, and consumers for all working to make operations as smooth as possible. Going forward into 2021, the Eastpoint team will continue putting maximum effort into providing our clients and consumers with professional and ethical service.

If you have been called by Easpoint Recovery Group, Inc. and have questions about your account or the reason for our team contacting you, get in touch with one of our specialists and we will be happy to clear up any questions you may have and assist you in resolving your outstanding obligations.